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Elona Lopari, Author

CEO of The Life School

I help visionary leaders build a Life & Business in alignment with their purpose so that they can have the time & money freedom to make a bigger impact.

If you are a frustrated entrepreneur that is not making close to the money and impact that you desire with your current business model and lack of marketing strategy then look no further.

Are you a small fish in the big pond in the online world and are lacking the exposure that you need so that you can build the business you dream of?

Imagine serving high quality clients that you love being possible and with the right proven roadmap. You will take the shortcut in getting there. I made the mistakes so that you don't have to.

Why I Do What I Do:

Being an unfulfilled corporate executive that climbed the corporate ladder and stayed there too long due to the fear of the security of the high level income, I went on building my own mission driven business as an entrepreneur and realized that I didn't have to sacrifice my income for impact and purpose alignment. Now I want to help other entrepreneurs take the journey of online entrepreneurship as the channel to driving their mission forward.

So why am I different?

I bring in the step by step systems, strategies, mindset and team building skills of big corporations to online small business.

Why am I the person to help you?

I am a best selling author, host of the life school masterclass podcast and CEO of the Elona Lopari Coaching Life School. I was a Fortune 500 Corporate Executive for over 20 years.

My Book is called "Connecting the Dots Backwards" and have also Co-authored the Book "Women in the Modern Business World". I am also a global speaker and have spoken in many stages with well known industry leaders such as Walgreens Yearly Leadership Summit, Global Woman Summit, PCMA Convening Leaders, ESPA Annual Conference etc.

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